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On April 4, 2011 the Department of Education issued its disastrous “Dear Colleague” letter to colleges and universities across the United States, requiring administrators who had neither the investigative nor prosecutorial prowess of the criminal justice system to determine the guilt and innocence of students accused of felony sexual assault, and to reach their conclusions independent of whatever the police and courts decide.

Worse – the Department of Education demanded these schools determine guilt via a radically low standard of evidence for sex-assault cases: the “preponderance of evidence” standard. Under this model if an administrator feels that there might be a 50.01% chance that the alleged crime occurred, he/she must find the student guilty (“responsible”) for sexual assault. This is further complicated by the lack of numerous other procedural safeguards and methods of evidentiary examination.

Predictably, a wave of lawsuits soon erupted as young men wrongly accused of sex crimes found themselves hustled through a vague and misshapen adjudication process with slipshod checks and balances and Kafkaesque standards of evidence. Most commonly, those charges allege due process violations, breach of contract, and Title IX violations/gender bias. This page is dedicated to cataloging their legal challenges against schools which – they allege – have violated their rights to due process, unjustly destroyed their names, deprived them of educational opportunities, and committed various other injustices against them in the name of “just following orders.”

This database exists as a public service to victims of wrongful accusations, their families, attorneys, advocates, journalists, scholars, and concerned citizens. Because it maintains records of due concerning sexual assault cases in particular (not sexual misconduct in general) sexual harassment cases will not be included in the database at this time; we will maintaining unpublished records of such cases, however, in the event that the database will be expanded.

This database is sorted alphabetically by state, but can be resorted by clicking on the column headers. Feel free to also use the search bar on the right. Click previous/next at the bottom to move between pages.

Disclaimer: Boys and Men in Education does not endorse the plaintiffs of every case. The inclusion of a case in this database is not in itself tantamount to an endorsement.

NOTICE: the lawsuits database has been moved offsite to a platform that allows the database to be displayed full-screen. This allows not only better viewing of records, but also allows more data columns to be added and displayed as well, allowing us to track more info than before!

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