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The Purpose of the Database

Many people would like to attend conferences, workshops, webinars, and so forth, but are simply unaware of their existence. Organizations hosting such events tend to be insufficiently networked with other organizations, complicating logistics and reducing turnout. This isolates advocates and reduces the overall momentum of the advocacy community.

We help solve this problem by maintaining an updated database of events, networking with other groups, and promoting awareness of upcoming events.

These events cover the spectrum of men’s and boys’ issues in academia, but tend to focus on their educational attainment and well-being. Audiences for these events include education professionals, advocates, parents, and researchers.

Unless there is something I have missed, this is the only such database in existence.

The Face of Misandry in Academia: A Collection of Banners, Posters and Other Visual Aids

It is sometimes said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This post contains numerous misandric banners, posters, and other visual elements that have been promoted in academia. If you know of one that isn’t mentioned, please link it in the comments section.

See the text below these images for their backstory.


The “Castrate” Banner – Duke University

In 2006, three male students who were members of Duke University’s lacrosse team were falsely accused of rape (see the video). With overwhelming evidence in support of the falsely accused, the district attorney went so far as to declare them innocent. Before that happened, however, the lacrosse team was suspended, their coach was fired, and the students were subjected to a campaign of relentless harassment. In the picture above are students who are supportive of the false accuser, parading a banner around campus. Ironically, these students claim to be taking a stand against sexual violence by openly advocating sexual violence.


The Wanted Poster – Duke University

In addition to carrying around a banner reading “castrate,” students supportive of the false accuser in the 2006 Duke lacrosse false rape case passed around what amounted to wanted posters with pictures of the entire team. This poster is also found in Dr. KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor’s book Until Proven Innocent, a thorough account of the horrifying false rape case.

Ottawa WRC

“Steps to Preventing Rape” Poster – The University of Ottawa

According to The Fulcrum, a now-defunct student publication at the University of Ottawa, this poster hung for years on a window at the Women’s Resource Centre on campus. This poster informs University of Ottawa students that appropriate steps to preventing rape are to make sure male students are confined only to well-lit areas of the campus, that they should wear bells around their necks at all times, and that they be accompanied by police wherever they go.

Women only parking spaces

Women-only parking sign at the University of Fraser Valley

The University of Fraser Valley has a problem. Not with violence, since records show that UFV is a rather safe campus. No, the problem is in deciding who, in those brief and isolated punctuations of time when violence occurs, should be safe from violence. Should UFV adopt an approach that does not exclude its students on the basis of sex, race, and so forth? Or should it adopt the position that some groups are more worthy of safety than others? They have chosen the latter.

One might wonder: are male students never assaulted? Are they never victims of crime? Of course they are. If the university’s argument is that women deserve special treatment because men are more likely to engage in street crime, would they also accept the rationalization that whites are deserving of special treatment since most recorded gang activity is by persons of color? Of course not. Nor should anyone.

See our article on women-only parking at UFV here.


“She Fears You” Presentation by Dr. Keith Edwards – 60 Colleges and Universities

According to Dr. Keith Edwards’s removed website (of which I still have screenshots), Dr. Edwards presented his lecture “She Fears You,” complete with a presentation slide bearing those same words in big scary font, to roughly 60 colleges and universities. The goal of the program is to teach male students that female students live in fear of them, and that the only way they can reclaim their humanity is to acknowledge their conscious or unconscious complicity in “rape culture.” When this program was made mandatory for male students at Hamilton College in 2011, most of them simply walked out.

University of Queensland Women's Room

Poster at UQ: this room is a “safer space for anyone who is not a cis-man.”

Click here to see our article addressing this poster.

Some questions come to mind when viewing this poster. Most importantly, shouldn’t spaces – especially ones watched over by those who claim to advocate equality – be equally safe for all people? And if a particular place is safer for one demographic, doesn’t that mean that it is less safe – i.e., more dangerous – for another?

What is the moral basis upon making certain places safer some, and more dangerous for others? What are the mechanisms by which these Feminists intend to enforce the unequal protections they wish to afford those who enter this space?

bahar mustafa white men diversity ban male tears killallmen featured image

Goldsmith University poster outside a diversity coordination event: “No white cis-men pls”

Feminist Bahar Mustafa (pictured above) was the recently-elected welfare and diversity officer for Goldsmith University’s student union. To kick off a “diversity” event, she said on Facebook “if you’re a man and/or white PLEASE DON’T COME. Don’t worry lads we will give you and allies things to do” and posted the above picture of herself next to a picture of a cup that said “male tears.” She also had the unfortunate tendency to tweet at the hashtag #killallwhitemen. See the our article on her here.


Coastal Carolina University

“Be responsible” flyer – Coastal Carolina University

Ah yes, the good ol’ ” the man and woman are both drunk, the man must be a rapist” perspective. What’s that called when we presume people are guilty simply because they are born the wrong sex, skin color, and so forth? Are all men as evil and all women as infantile as this flyer portrays them?


Woman burning copies of Dr. Hoff-Sommers’s book The War Against Boys

There’s something symbolic about burning a book that fits perfectly well with the mentality of those who oppose advocacy for men and boys in education. The burning of books has been a sign of intellectual and moral barbarism to the civilized world for decades.

Those who oppose educational equity for men and boys are often so narrow-minded, intolerant, and bigoted that they cannot stand the mere possibility of others speaking. And you can see this played out over and over again in the articles here on free speech. You may also see our article that addresses this book-burning in greater detail here.

Flyer - Let's get consensual - University of Victoria Students' Society and The Anti Violence Project

“Let’s get consensual” flyer – University of Victoria

This flyer at a Canadian university tells us that sexual violence includes “verbal, emotional, psychological, or spiritual acts.” Indeed, it is “anything that disrespects your sexual being.” Has anyone over the age of 21 not been disrespected sexually at some point? I guess that means everyone’s a victim of sexual assault. Ah, but wait – only women are victims of sexual assault, because it’s all about “the patriarchy.” Yep, all women are victims of sexual assault, folks.

Sponsored by the University of Victoria Students’ Society and The Anti Violence Project.


Flyer - What is Consent - Coastal Carolina University

“What is consent” flyer – Coastal Carolina University

Proving once again that rape hysteria is far more common than actual rape, here we have yet another flyer at CCU broadening the definition of “consent” to a ridiculous degree. Has anyone ever had sex after having a glass of wine? Or sex that was mutually enjoyable but not “enthusiastic”? I guess if a man didn’t make his partner scream like a pornstar that can only mean he is a rapist.

Rapist of the Month

“Rapist of the Month” Poster – Oberlin College

I have not been able to find the poster behind this story (unfortunately, this was before the era of smartphones with cameras), which is why the above poster is my recreation of it based on news accounts I have read. An article in the Toledo Blade tells the story: at Oberlin College, Feminist students pulled an 18 year-old freshman student’s name at random from the campus directory and put his name on a poster that read “Rapist of the Month.” They then distributed these posters across the campus.

The student was in shock when he found his name on the posters while walking around campus. As reported in the article, when news of the story became public Oberlin College sophomore Emily Loyd said “So many women get their lives totally ruined by being assaulted and not saying anything. So if one guy gets his life ruined, maybe it balances out.”

Potential Rapists

“Notice: These Men are Potential Rapists” Poster – University of Maryland

Another recreation based upon the coverage I have read, since we are without the original. An article from The Baltimore Sun tells us the story: “Are nearly all male students at the University of Maryland ‘potential rapists’? Women in a feminist art class here apparently believe so. About 10 of them plastered the campus with fliers last week listing the names of virtually every male student under the heading, ‘NOTICE: THESE MEN ARE POTENTIAL RAPISTS.'” The Feminist students rationalized publicly designating countless male students as potential rapists by saying that they wouldn’t feel offended if they had nothing to hide.

Poster: One Woman is as Good as Five Men – High School Whiteboard

This one was submitted to the Men’s Rights subreddit in April of 2013. The author of the submission said “Found this in a high school classroom. I politely asked the teacher to take it down. She laughed and told me to lighten up.”


The “Dudetip” Poster – UCLA

Profiling a student on the basis of race is bad. Profiling a student on the basis of sex is good – assuming it’s a male student, and especially if the person doing the profiling is a Feminist. This poster is one of several “Dudetips” created by the UCLA student group Bruin Feminists for “Equality,” telling ordinary men how to resist their apparently irresistible urge to rape rape rape.

 Masked Feminist 2

“Sorry We Hurt your Manfeelz” – University of Toronto

In classic Feminist style, this protester informs us just how much men and boys are worthy of humanity and dignity. This is a protester from the 2013 lecture at the University of Toronto by Dr. Janice Fiamengo titled “What’s Wrong with Women’s Studies?” The lecture focused on misandry and intellectual dishonesty in women’s studies. Feminist protesters pulled fire alarms to shut down the event. Read the full story in the post “The University of Toronto: Cradle of a Revolution.”




Video by Campus Feminists to Vote Against a Campus Men’s Center – Simon Fraser University

It’s not often you see a video with a ~98% dislike rate after thousands of votes. Keenan Midgley at Simon Fraser University wanted to set up a men’s center on campus. According to a Maclean’s article, Midgley’s reasoning was that “his gender deals with more suicides, alcoholism and drug abuse, and suffers negative stereotypes just like women do. ‘As a student society, we’re supposed to represent all undergraduates. I don’t think we’re currently doing that,'” he said.

Apparently this was too much for campus Feminists, who decided that men should not have the right to organize or have a space to talk about their problems unless its every move obtained the Feminist stamp of approval. They accused this rather benign effort of being a breeding ground for sexism – without evidence, of course. The controversy prompted an article in The National Post titled “Shocking Anti-Male Hatred at Simon Fraser University.”

 Boys are Stupid

“Boys are Stupid” Clothing & Accessories – Schools across the United States

Clothing and other products featuring the message “Boys are Stupid” became popular to wear in school after the turn of the millennium. An article in People magazine tells us “Erika Kaminer is only 10, but she already knows how to make a provocative fashion statement: her T-shirt reads, ‘Boys Are Smelly;’ her watch says, ‘Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them!’ Says the Hewlett, N.Y., fourth grader of her garb: ‘I want to make boys feel bad because it’s fun.'”


The Clothesline Project – University of Maryland

The University of Maryland is home to the Clothesline Project, an event which aims to empower victims of sexual assault by setting aside a space where they can write messages on t-shirts and leave them to hang on campus for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, for 17 years (from 1990 to 2007) many female (Feminist) students wrote the names of male students whom they accused of rape on these shirts, using this event as a forum to publicly demonize male students and ostracize them as rapists before the entire campus community.

After going on for 17 years, the University of Maryland took action only after they were threatened with a lawsuit, telling students they could only write part of the names of their alleged assailants on the shirts. Many students were still able to use this to identify the men they accused, however. Read more in this article in The Baltimore Sun.

Brown List

The Rape List – Brown University

One of the earliest photographic captures of in-your-face misandry in academia is the Rape List at Brown University, seen here as a recreation on The Phil Donahue Show, which ran in the 1990s.  As an article in The Baltimore Sun reports, female students used bathroom walls to accuse male students of rape, writing their names as a “warning” to other students. When custodians scrubbed the walls clean, the list would be rewritten again. Predictably, Feminist students defined the act of erasing these accusations as “rape apologism” and “victim blaming.”

In my study of sexism and misandry in academia, this case is unique because it was perhaps the only time that a higher education administrator dared to publicly call out sexism against male students before the age of the internet and when Feminism still held an overwhelming stranglehold on the discourse on gender in academia (late 90s, early 2000). According to the article, “Robert Reichley, executive vice president for university relations. He says the university will no more tolerate anti-male graffiti than it allows misogynistic, homophobic or racist graffiti.”

Columbia List 1

The Rape List – Columbia University

More than happy to repeat history twenty-four years later, a group of activists at Columbia University decided to write the names of alleged “sexual assault violators” and “rapists” on the bathroom walls. See ourarticle about it here.

No means no, yes means no

“No Means No, Yes Doesn’t Mean Yes” – Radcliffe Camera at Oxford

Given that Feminism’s decline was inevitable due to a variety of factors (misandry, becoming outdated after having won 99% of its legal victories, intellectual dishonesty, not enough money in a recession to fund all their social programs, pissing off 75% of the world, and so forth), it was also inevitable that Feminists would eventually feel their public support wane and seek validation by reminding us all why Feminism needs to exist.

“Who Needs Feminism,” a blog where Feminists submit pictures of themselves holding up messages telling us why we/they/everyone needs Feminism, was set up for just that purpose. Unfortunately, some Feminists (such as this student) aren’t exactly painting Feminism in a positive light.

Lies, Damned Lies, Rape Stats1 in 4 lies

Lies, Damned Lies, and Rape Statistics – Colleges and Universities Everywhere

“Hate statistics” are what Dr. Christina Hoff-Sommers called them. There are all sorts of ways of fooling around with the statistics on rape and false rape accusations, and these statistics have been debunked time after time (examples here and here and here and here). The Mission and Values of this site states that there are a significant number of victims of both rape and false accusations of rape, and that both deserve our compassion and support. Unfortunately, those who dominate the discourse on these phenomena in academia often strongly disagree, rationalizing their anti-male worldviews with dishonest cherry-picked statistics.


“Male Penises Should Come with Warning Labels” Poster – CALM Textbook

According to the user in his submission to Men’s Rights Reddit, this is a poster used in anti-aids campaigns in the 90s, was featured in his Career and Life Management (CALM) textbook.

hatefck arm ourselves

“Let’s Arm Ourselves to End Rape Culture!” – University of Wyoming

Feminist Meg Lanker-Simons put the University of Wyoming into an uproar when she made a rape threat against herself on a Facebook page related to the university (story here). She also took part in an anti-“rape culture” rally, where numerous banners such as this one were displayed.

Wait, what’s this written in purple near the bottom? “Until the rape of women ends good men need to arm ourselves and oppose abuse with defensive…action”? Some things bear mentioning here. First, a false accusation of a hate crime is an act of hatred in itself. Second, many innocent men have been killed or by grievously injured by “good men” arming themselves to “protect” women.

Men - Stop Raping Women!

“Men: Stop Raping Women!” Poster – Location Unknown

The origin of this poster is unknown. It was submitted to the authors of the Community of the Wrongly Accused in December of 2009 (see here).

Don't Be That Guy Don't be that girl

“Don’t be that guy/girl” posters – University of Alberta

When Dr. Lise Gotell spearheaded her “Don’t be that guy” campaign designed to “teach men not to rape,” Men’s Rights Edmonton launched their own campaign: “Don’t be that girl,” designed to see if Feminists could handle walking a mile in men’s shoes.

Of course, being Feminists, they operate under different rules than those they expect everyone else to follow. Clearly, a woman accusing someone of rape because she regretted a one-night stand is a false rape accusation. But that didn’t stop the professors at the University of Alberta from falsely accusing them of promoting “rape apologism” and “victim blaming.” Read more on the story here and here.


“Women only” Education – Curtin U, and Elsewhere

Feminists tend to oppose segregated education where education reformists theorize that male students might benefit from classrooms geared more toward male-friendly learning styles. Of course, as should be obvious throughout this post, Feminists operate under different rules than those they expect everyone else to follow, which is why many women-only colleges and classrooms exist.

Cheap Dates, Cheap Textbooks

“Cheap date? Bad. Cheap textbooks? Good.” – Amazon Advertisement

Yes, the idea that men are obligated to shower money on women and adopt a role whereby they are required to take the financial burdens of women on themselves is what can be called traditionalist misandry, although this is quite light compared to what we have seen throughout this post. In addition, you will note something else that sets this apart from the misandry in the rest of this post:

Although this image relates to academia, it isn’t found in a university.

That is no accident, and I hope it helps drive home a larger point. There has been an incredible political hostility to traditional notions of gender in higher education for decades. That is not to say that I believe men and women should each conform to their own narrowly-defined roles; quite the contrary. This does, however, mean something significant: for better or worse, Feminists and their ideological cohorts own nearly 100% of the misandry in academia. They have – quite literally – run out everyone else who could take the blame for it. As people with greater frequency begin looking into the issue of male educational underachievement and start inquiring into what kinds of institutional bias men and boys face in academia, Feminists have no one to blame but themselves when they find themselves in the spotlight.

Closing thoughts:

You have seen the true face of misandry in academia in the above images. Although it is easy to sensationalize images (especially ones that read “CASTRATE”), I’d like to reiterate something I wrote in the introductory post on misandry in academia:

While misandry may most often identified by examining others’ statements, it is important to remember that the problem with misandry is not the singular or occasional statements of faculty, administrators, or students, but rather the attitude and the worldview behind them. 

In other words, it’s not enough to simply oppose what people say. The worldview behind it must be abolished and replaced with something better. Refer to the Mission and Values page of this website for more.

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