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The Purpose of the Database

Many people would like to attend conferences, workshops, webinars, and so forth, but are simply unaware of their existence. Organizations hosting such events tend to be insufficiently networked with other organizations, complicating logistics and reducing turnout. This isolates advocates and reduces the overall momentum of the advocacy community.

We help solve this problem by maintaining an updated database of events, networking with other groups, and promoting awareness of upcoming events.

These events cover the spectrum of men’s and boys’ issues in academia, but tend to focus on their educational attainment and well-being. Audiences for these events include education professionals, advocates, parents, and researchers.

Unless there is something I have missed, this is the only such database in existence.

Keynote Presentation: Male Students in Peril Conference, November 1, 2014 (video)

Presenting at the 2014 Male Students in Peril conference.

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Rally for change: join us for the KSUM Male Students in Peril conference on November 1 (registration closes October 26)

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Humanities textbook teaches that men can’t be targets of sexism, promotes worldview that trivializes men’s experiences

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